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October 20, 2004

Though I have been blogging only for a short time–I have been reading the blogs of others for much longer. I have discovered that participating in the blogosphere–whether by writing or reading–poses the risk of developing a condition that I have labeled as “Blogger’s Behind”. I recently became acutely aware of this risk while racing in Fall Regatta which I wrote about here. My months of giving short shrift to exercise or eating right– in favor of sitting on my behind at the computer– caused me noticeable problems when “going out on the wire” or coming back into the boat as the wind laid down. In fact, I-at least in part–blame “Blogger’s Behind” on the fact that we placed Third instead of First. We were tied for first on Day 1–but sailed into a “hole” on Day 2. I blame “Blogger’s Behind” for our slow escape from that “hole”.

It is fortunate that I have discovered an inspiring antidote to “Bloggers Behind”–on, of course–a blog. Karena at Feeding Me Softly is blogging about food. Her posts make me actually want to learn to cook–a desire I have never had in the past. She is the “Seer of Scratch”, the “Luminary of Leftovers” and she actually knows what it means to “deglaze” a pan.

Reading Karena’s blog is a pleasant respite from reading about the Presidential race or other political issues. Her posts cause my mouth to water and my heart rate to go down. Her writing is as exquisite as the dishes she describes. AND–the food is healthy–in the Julia Child tradition–as opposed to the low-fat, fake- butter method. Reading her blog motivates me to get up from my chair to cook some “glazed green beans” or some “pesto pasta“–much healthier and less fattening than a plate of cheese and crackers or bowl of Blue Bell ice cream gobbled in front of the computer while reading Hugh Hewitt, Powerline or Beldar.

So–take a break from the political blog and go visit Karena– prepare yourself to be inspired to get up from that chair in front of the computer and go to the kitchen to cook a Karena-inspired masterpiece . Your mind, stomach and “behind” will thank you.

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